December 4, 2015

Stylus Academy

Since the end of October 2016 the Stylus has an area dedicated to training.

Designed as a dynamic space, because it allows enjoy a fully ample space, which easily host large groups, but also turns into independent rooms, smaller, when the target of training are smaller groups.

At present, companies are much more than financial flows and the mere sale of products or services. The market, the result of constant development of Products and Services and Consumer needs are evolving, and the responsibility to provide knowledge and the sharing of experiences is a social and moral obligation of the Company.

The level of service provided, that the market demands is increasing and adaptation to customer needs are only possible when there is a proper and in-depth knowledge of products and solutions, no matter what the business is.

As active agent in the Society the role of a distributor is also providing conditions for all its resellers know the products and services they sell and feel confident when advising their clients. So the Stylus Resellers are more than customers are business partners.

Stylus, your business is our business!

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